Stuck at Home Due to Covid-19? Here’s a Special Offer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Have Your Résumé Reviewed & Ready-for-Job-Seeking-Action for only $30.

Now’s the perfect time to prepare or restructure your résumé, so when the employment scene is ready to move again, you’ll be the first to have your application in.

For the remainder of the year, Lloyd White, author of Write a Winning Job Application, is offering to review your current résumé for a nominal fee.

Lloyd will:

  • review and proofread your résumé,  fixing typo errors, and highlighting more serious problems
  • comment on overall presentation, format and content
  • assess if it is at the right standard for the type of work you are aiming for
  • make a judgement on if it “sells” you as a person who could do that work
  • make suggestions for changes, if necessary

If necessary, he’ll also send you documents on:

  • a modern template with instructions on how to use it
  • how to target your résumé on a specific area of work (most important)
  • possible headings and what they mean
  • examples of profiles, competencies and personal attributes

Get ahead, get started now

Get ready to be at the front of the job application queue by getting started now. To have your resume reviewed and ready-to-go, simply email Lloyd:

  1. a copy of your résumé in a Word document ONLY
  2. a short explanation of the type of work you’ll be applying for
Email Lloyd White at:

Fee: The fee for this once-off service is $30.

When your email is received, we’ll send you EFT details to make your payment. This is a confidential service; your résumé will be trashed once it has been returned to you.


  • Offer expires 31 December, 2020
  • Offer is for review only; this is not a resume writing service.