Lloyd White is a Career Change consultant with 25 years experience in assisting clients to change careers, apply for new positions or promotion in both the private and public sector.

His personal work experience includes working in large government agencies,  lecturing in Universities in HR and Careers Studies, as well as writing  Career Education curricula in schools.

He has an in-depth knowledge of the processes and procedures used in creating duty-statements and selection criteria, and in staff selection. He has extensive experience in training selection panels in interviewing skills and applicants in preparing to write their applications.

With expertise in interpreting selection criteria he is able to coach applicants through the process of responding to all types of Selection Criteria, and writing a targeted Résumé that supports the responses.

He has expertise in online applications and other contemporary approaches to staff selection; he is conversant with the current terminology such as Capability Frameworks and Work Related Requirements.

Preparing for an interview can be a frightening experience and Lloyd White has specialised skills in assisting clients to prepare thoroughly and sell themselves at an interview.

Having lectured in three Universities in WA he has an intimate knowledge of the problems that graduates face in applying for their first job.

This book is based on his 25 years experience and his knowledge of the problems applicants face and the practical and immediate help they need.

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